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  • Without a doubt, this saves us a vast amount of time, and gives us confidence that we’re on top of what’s going on in our overseas markets.

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  • Ebiquity's Portfolio Digital will be the most comprehensive and accurate way to monitor your competitors' advertising online.

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  • Richard Basil-Jones on:

    Negative Messages Win the Campaign - but not the Election - in Australian Federal Poll

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  • Catherine Griffin on:

    Understanding the Barriers and Opportunities for Women in Innovation

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  • Lauren Fitzgerald on:

    Bunnings arrives on UK soil

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We provide our clients with unrivaled competitor advertising monitoring, owned coverage, reputation analysis, and communication insights. Data and intelligence inform the recommendations we make that enable our clients to plan more effectively, respond smarter and enhance their marketing performance.

Our experienced global teams capture, categorize, analyze, and deliver advertising and communications activity in multiple languages to make sure clients get what they need, when they need it, in the format they want it.  

Market Intelligence In Brief

  • Comprehensive Advertising Database

    Comprehensive Advertising Database

    The largest international advertising database; multimedia coverage in 80+ countries, updated daily since the 1950’s

  • Expert Categorization

    Expert Categorization

    Category experts viewing over 2,000 ads each month

  • Experience


    Over 40 years advertising intelligence experience, and 25 years in reputation research

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Analyzing billions of social interactions across multiple global platforms in real time.

  • Reputation


    Our reputation and communications effectiveness research has helped over 500 world class clients

  • Translations


    A network of native speakers and translators

  • Tailored Delivery Options

    Tailored Delivery Options

    Online platform, workshops, scorecards, alerts, reports and presentations

  • Diverse Client Base

    Diverse Client Base

    Working with over 200 businesses

Our Market Intelligence Services

Ebiuity Opinion
  • U.S. Advertising: Holiday Season Stress Relief
    Published on 12 January 2017

    While the notion of a perfect Christmas dances through our heads like sugar plum fairies, Christmas can often be a hectic time of stress and anxiety for consumers. The great philosopher Linus Van Pelt once said “Christmas is not only getting too commercial, it’s getting too dangerous,” due to the obligations that come with the [...]

  • Communications Insight Roundtable – Christmas Ads
    Published on 12 December 2016

    Now that the dust has settled and all of the big advertisers have launched their Christmas campaigns out onto the airwaves and social media, it is time to take a look at this year’s crop of Christmas Ads and determine the winners and losers this year. As always John Lewis – still seen as the [...]

  • How TV advertising is beating YouTube at its own game
    Published on 06 December 2016

    British New Wave band The Buggles sang in 1979 that video killed the radio star. Perhaps it would be apt, 37 years on, for someone to write a song about the ‘death’ of television as a result of the rise of the internet. Online video sharing sites, catch-up services and streaming sites have all contributed [...]