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Protecting your brand and ensuring all marketing is on-message

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Our compliance service alerts brands when franchises, agents or other parties contravene brand guidelines in their marketing activities.  It helps our clients to ensure that their brand values are communicated effectively. Our clients use us to manage their commercial partners by providing guidance prior to publication and scrutiny post-publication. Our service is especially useful for brands operating internationally and for brands who undertake cooperative advertising to identify and resolve problems as they occur.

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Comprehensive monitoring

Ebiquity is well-placed to assist brands with compliance. We are hugely experienced at capturing, organizing and analyzing advertising from diverse channels and countries thanks to our advertising intelligence.

Tailored delivery

Clients define the markets and the media list, we track the ads, and our experienced team conducts the analysis and delivers custom reports in the agreed format and timescale.

Industry compliance

Other businesses and regulators use the service to monitor how advertisers are complying with regulations and codes of conduct.

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Questions we answer for clients


Is my brand being used appropriately by partners in my supply chain across the world?


How can we protect our brand from misuse by partners or third parties?


Who isn’t adhering to our codes of conduct or guidelines?

Advertising Compliance In Brief

  • Brand Protection

    Brand Protection

    Allows brands to police supply chain partner advertising

  • Many Applications

    Many Applications

    Ideal for franchises, cooperative advertising and international brands

  • Customized


    Scope and delivery criteria customized to suit client requirements

  • Monitoring Experts

    Monitoring Experts

    Using Ebiquity’s comprehensive ad monitoring and data-handling capabilities

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