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Custom analysis of brand behavior and communication activity to understand, inspire, and direct clients' marcomms strategies.

  • It is a challenge in today's fast changing environment to react and adjust to consumer habits and communication trends. Your work helps us identify key areas of insight to help us meet this challenge

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  • Lauren Fitzgerald on:

    Bunnings arrives on UK soil

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  • Richard Basil-Jones on:

    Negative Messages Win the Campaign - but not the Election - in Australian Federal Poll

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  • Martin Broad on:

    Global trends in marketing alcohol brands

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Our international insight teams help our clients, which include advertisers and agencies, solve specific communications challenges. This is achieved through brand or thematic reviews, across a range of sectors to give a deeper understanding of who is saying what, where and why.

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Our teams based in Europe, the US and Australia spend time with clients at the beginning of the process to truly understand their needs. This enables us to shape and clarify each individual brief.  We then use Ebiquity’s exhaustive advertising database and other sources to gain a complete picture of competitors’ through-the-line activity, from traditional advertising to digital, mobile and experiential. How do their messaging and media strategies differ by market?  How are these evolving overtime? We help our clients to really get under the skin.


We analyze vast amounts of information and find the campaigns, strategies and trends that clients really need to know about.  Our teams are experienced and passionate about marcomms which means we produce compelling reports, presentations and workshops that instigate debate, and get the creative juices flowing. We aim to provide insights for clients to value and to share.


By delivering learnings and recommendations that can be acted upon, we enable clients to make more effective decisions going forward.  Our independence ensures a more balanced, unbiased view on brands and sectors.  Our work helps to create campaign briefs, provides creative direction and alters activation strategies.

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Questions we answer for marketers, insight teams, agencies, and trade bodies


How is my category evolving, which brands are leading, and what can we learn?


How are brands outside our sector meeting similar challenges to ours?


How do we talk about innovation? Is it about non-traditional media?

Communications Insight In Brief

  • Passionate


    Experienced teams provide understanding, inspiration and direction to advertisers and agencies

  • Market Knowledge

    Market Knowledge

    Analysts across Europe, the US and Australia / SEA with specialist market knowledge

  • Tailored


    Responding to specific client communication briefs

  • Resourceful


    Access to the world’s largest advertising database and other proprietary sources through partnerships

  • Objective


    Independence ensures balanced views and recommendations

  • Experienced


    Over 25 years' advertising intelligence experience

Ebiuity Opinion
  • Reflecting on the Super Bowl Ads
    Published on 14 February 2017

    After enjoying one of the most expensive advertising days of the year, as data analysts, we can’t help but judge what we see based on the measurability of that investment.  This year, on the day of the Super Bowl, advertisements generated $500 million in ad revenue for Fox, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch said Monday, [...]

  • US Advertising: Super Bowl Brands with A Stance
    Published on 14 February 2017

    Super Bowl 51 aired this past weekend, February 5th, on TVs across America. Thanks in part to the historic conclusion in overtime, the match was the fourth most viewed broadcast in American history with an estimated 111.3 million spectators. Going into overtime allowed four more commercials to air than anticipated, contributing to an estimated $509.6 [...]

  • Digital growing pains for online advertising
    Published on 01 February 2017

    Ebiquity’s Head of Communications Insight, Martin Broad, cuts through the hype about digital that assaulted marketers in 2016. Over recent years, the marketing community has been subjected to a large number of sensationalist headlines which have eventually been revealed to be only partly true. “TV is Dead!” – TV isn’t dead: it’s changing; “Social Video [...]