Market & Stakeholder Research

Research providing data-driven insights into reputation, brand and communications effectiveness

  • With the support of Ebiquity’s Reputation and Research team, we conducted a global study to help us understand how these CSR efforts are viewed by our clients’ stakeholders. The Cone/Ebiquity Global CSR study not only provided our agency with insightful results, it also generated numerous media placements and a robust social media conversation resulting in nearly five million impressions and helped to strengthen our role as a thought leader in this area.

    CSR Insights Client

  • We've incorporated your study’s outputs into a global guide to support effective partnerships with patient groups across our international markets to support better health outcomes.

    Pharmaceutical client

  • Catherine Griffin on:

    Understanding the Barriers and Opportunities for Women in Innovation

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  • Max Backhaus on:

    Brand crisis and the results

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  • Results

    Insurance giant identifies economic impact of their corporate reputation

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  • Sam Knowles on

    The four P’s of PR

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Our Market & Stakeholder Research service helps organizations to understand and optimize how their brands, reputation and communications are perceived.  This is both from the inside (staff perceptions), the outside (external stakeholder opinions), and everything in between.

Circle Market Stakeholder Research

Build and enhance reputation

The unique way in which we deliver our data-driven research reports, complete with recommendations and consultation, allows us to offer actionable insight and strategic guidance. We help clients plan what to do, both immediately and strategically, in order to develop and enhance their reputation.

We do this through a combination of:

  • Qualitative Research (in-depth interviews, focus groups etc.)
  • Quantitative Research (online, telephone, omnibus etc.)
  • Desk research

Questions we answer for corporate communications, PR, insight, and research teams


Which stakeholders influence our reputation, and how do they perceive us?


How does our reputation affect the behavior of consumers and stakeholders?


How effective are our corporate communications?

Market & Stakeholder Research In Brief

  • Reputation Analysis

    Reputation Analysis

    Understands how stakeholders perceive you, and how their perceptions impact on your business and brand

  • Communication Effectiveness

    Communication Effectiveness

    Evaluates the impact of your communications' on your brand and business

  • Stakeholder Research

    Stakeholder Research

    Determines who your key stakeholders are, and how best to engage with them

  • Brand Evaluation

    Brand Evaluation

    Benchmarks and tracks how consumers feel and act towards your brand

  • Publicity Research

    Publicity Research

    Uses great research to promote and position your brand

Ebiuity Opinion
  • Understanding the barriers and opportunities for women in innovation
    Published on 06 October 2016

    Ebiquity’s Head of Reputation, Catherine Griffin, finds room for optimism in a recent analysis of what’s holding British women back from participating more fully in innovation. Innovate UK is the UK government’s innovation agency, committed to helping people develop and commercialize innovative ideas, products, and technologies to help the economy grow. For some time, the [...]

  • Reasons to be hopeful about Barcelona Principles 2.0
    Published on 01 October 2015

    For too long, the debate about how to measure the true impact of public relations has been caught in a loop. For clients and advisers looking for clarity on whether programs and campaigns have delivered against objectives, it’s been like the director’s cut of Groundhog Day. This industry-wide paralysis has several causes. Communications professionals have [...]

  • Five lessons from the VW emissions crisis
    Published on 22 September 2015

    Today can hardly be described as a slow news day. Ordinarily, the alleged unseemly student activities of the British Prime Minister would push all other stories in the shade. But thanks to investigations from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), today’s biggest scandal is corporate not political. The EPA’s assertion that VW illegally installed software [...]