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  • Your analysis helped us to keep our communications agenda on track, and importantly learn from how we managed it.

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  • Catherine Griffin on:

    Understanding the Barriers and Opportunities for Women in Innovation

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  • Karen Prichard on:

    New frontiers in integrated measurement

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Ebiquity offers clients clear and insightful evaluation of their global media coverage to understand their brand reputation and PR effectiveness. The research is conducted by human analysts and can be undertaken in any language. We provide clients with clear, actionable recommendations presented in concise media analysis reports that are easily digestible and configurable to a variety of internal audiences, all the way up to the Board and the Senior Executive Team.

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Stay ahead of emerging issues

As well as measuring media sentiment and improving communications effectiveness, Ebiquity can provide radar and issues forecasting as part of our in-depth research. We use forward-looking indicators to identify and categorize emerging issues and assess the potential impact on the client and their public relations and communications strategies. 

Trusted client partnerships

Our belief in delivering high quality insights helps us to build long-term, trusted partnerships with our clients, the majority of whom are globally recognised brands. Our expertise and experience help us to understand the client’s brand and market context and to deliver analysis of industry issues and reputation across a number of countries, media, business divisions and audiences.

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Media Analysis In Brief

  • Refined Methodology

    Refined Methodology

    Insightful analysis using an expertly developed, industry leading research methodology

  • Actionable


    Recommendations to improve media performance supplied

  • Meaningful Metrics

    Meaningful Metrics

    Guidance on setting and measuring KPIs

  • Emerging Issues

    Emerging Issues

    Identifying upcoming issues of reputational importance

Ebiuity Opinion
  • Understanding the barriers and opportunities for women in innovation
    Published on 06 October 2016

    Ebiquity’s Head of Reputation, Catherine Griffin, finds room for optimism in a recent analysis of what’s holding British women back from participating more fully in innovation. Innovate UK is the UK government’s innovation agency, committed to helping people develop and commercialize innovative ideas, products, and technologies to help the economy grow. For some time, the [...]

  • New frontiers in integrated measurement
    Published on 27 April 2016

    A review of innovations in integrated campaign measurement from Ebiquity UK’s Managing Director, Reputation, Karen Prichard. Consumers don’t receive messages from brands in an isolated, siloed fashion – some tweets there, a TV ad over here, a company blog post over there. They build up their impression of what brands mean and stand for by [...]

  • New frontiers in integrated measurement
    Published on 25 February 2016

    As the tools and techniques of integrated campaign measurement advance quickly, Ebiquity UK’s Managing Director, Reputation, Karen Prichard is showcasing some innovations that promise – at last – to measure the impact and reach of communications in a properly joined up way. Karen is speaking at today, Thursday’s, PR Analytics conference organized by PRmoment. When [...]