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  • The rapid insight your team brings to the table is fundamental in forming a picture of the real issues and challenges facing a brand in online media.

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    Optimizing social media performance

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    The varied nature of social media globally

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    Google plays fairer with news

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Our social media analysis service bridges the gap between 'insight-lite' data providers and expensive consultancy services. It is available at a fixed cost, regardless of the number of users, with various reporting packages and bolt-on options. All this means our clients can focus their resources on analysing the most influential areas of social media discussion and can find the right level of reporting to meet any brief and budget. 

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Technological empowerment, human interpretation

We use human analysts to give deeper context to what is driving online discussions and what reputational impact this has on your brand. Our insight reports combine key metrics and data visualizations, collected by our newly developed Ebiquity Sonar platform, alongside insightful summaries and actionable recommendations. Our network of native-language analysts interprets social media content from different countries, allowing global organizations to track coverage in each of their markets.

Insight is only a click away

Ebiquity Sonar’s client focussed online platform is designed to be quick and easily navigable. Clients can switch seamlessly between their monthly insight reports and 24 hour real-time dashboards. They can drill down to the source of any article and can choose to interrogate data themselves or use filters to provide summaries or breakdowns. Our analytical experts are always on the end of the phone to provide a supporting level of consultancy.

Digging deeper, refining more

Our Online Earned Media Insight reports combine key metrics and data visualizations alongside insightful summaries and actionable recommendations. For our clients to interrogate data, the Ebiquity Sonar platform provides 24 hour real time dashboards and our analytical experts are always on the end of the phone to provide a supporting level of consultancy.

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What are people really saying about my organization or brand online?


I don't trust automated sentiment analysis - what do you do differently?


What are the trending topics that are likely to impact and affect my business?

Social Media Analysis In Brief

  • Real-Time


    Near real-time global online media and social media analysis in native language

  • Managed


    Fully-managed service

  • Insight


    Tailored innovative human insight and sentiment reporting

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