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Organizations today typically suffer from gaps in their data story, making it difficult for them to use it to improve customer experiences.  Gaps appear because customers and visitors interact with brands across multiple access points whose data sets don’t speak fluently to each other.  Our unique blend of business and technical acumen allows us to meet brands’ changing analytics needs from personalization to integration, building with them a best-in-class analytics program.

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What is Multi-Channel?

The concept of 'multi-channel' analytics comes from the integration of data sets across multiple data sources. When we deploy our multi-channel strategy, insight or implementation, it is actionable across a variety of platforms including, mobile (smartphones, iPad, etc.), social media, CRM, offline databases, email, and many others.

Our multi-channel focus enables us to create a scalable framework that provides enriched data sets across all customer touchpoints.

An established leader in multi-channel analytics

Founded in 2002 with the goal of helping customers better leverage data to make decisions, our Stratigent team set out to help customers establish confidence in their data and ultimately improve the customer experience for enterprise-level organizations. 

Today, we are known as a leader in providing multi-channel analytics consulting to leading organizations as a vendor-neutral, 3rd party, strategic advisor. Our unique blend of business and technical acumen allows us to serve each analytics need as companies mature in the usage of their data.

Multi Channel Solution
We help clients build best-in-class analytics programs by achieving balance in the following areas

Circle Strategy Circle Implementation Circle Insight
Strategy Implementation Insight
We offer a variety of strategy services to ensure clients have the right people, processes, and technology in place. Our expertise with launching first-rate, digital implementations helps clients take projects from ideation to reality. We help clients derive the necessary insights to impact results, achieve their goals, and improve overall ROI.
  • Stragetic Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Vendor Evaluation / Selection
  • Optimization Strategy
  • Customized Training
  • Customized Implementation
  • Mobile Implementation
  • Tag Management
  • Strategic Data Layer
  • Confidence Audit
  • Data Integration


  • KPI Definition
  • Dashboard Design
  • Data Automation
  • Reporting


  • Data Analysis
  • Testing & Personalization
  • Conversion Audit
  • Action-Orientated Marketing (AOMTM)
  • Marketing Effectiveness
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Questions we answer for marketing, sales, insight, analytics, and ecommerce teams


How should we design our analytics program?


How should we integrate these new data sets?


What metrics are important to our business, and are we succeeding?

Multi-Channel Analytics In Brief

  • Confidence


    Empowering organizations to make informed decisions using reliable data

  • Vendor Neutral

    Vendor Neutral

    Objective recommendations on products & services from our 75+ Multi-Channel Partner Network

  • Unique Expertise

    Unique Expertise

    Experienced technical and business consultants delivering over 300 client projects

  • Best Practice Approach

    Best Practice Approach

    A cohesive set of standards to ensure effective delivery, client communication, and success

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