Digital Performance Measurement

Consultancy and tools to measure, benchmark and improve online effectiveness

  • Visibility from Ebiquity has already paid for itself as we were given a refund from a publisher because of poor performance... a real eye-opener.

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In an ever-changing digital media ecosystem, our clients want to know, what’s being seen, by whom and where, what’s not working, why, and what they can do to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their activity across all digital channels.

Circle Cost Savings

Complexity and accountability

Media is evolving at pace and offering plenty of new opportunities to reach consumers. Agencies are perpetually developing and acquiring technology, while buying modes like programmatic are becoming ever-more complex. The evolution means that standard metrics are yet to be defined, making it challenging for brands to measure the value of their digital investments. In addition there is opacity in ad placement, non-human trafficm and undisclosed agency profits. It’s no surprise brands are experiencing skills gaps and lacking confidence in the performance of their digital activity. 

Drive for transparency beyond just cost

We assist our clients in a variety of ways. We provide online performance tracking including ad verification, and benchmark true cost of media versus the market. We undertake performance review in search and social media, and offer digital media consultancy throughout the campaign process, improve in-house skills, and drive greater transparency and results.

Digital goal setting and monitoring

We encourage simplified, meaningful goal setting based on clear priorities. Built on brand challenges and objectives, KPIs are recommended and monitored throughout the campaign. This leads to greater understanding and accountability from the agency; confidence is instilled along the way as best practice is adopted.

Tools and techniques to evaluate digital performance over time

Data is analyzed using our proprietary software, custom built to help derive insights and recommendations for continual improvement. Our independence means both advertisers and agencies trust our team of experts and our processes to produce objective analysis and recommendations.

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Digital Performance Measurement In Brief

  • Objective


    Thorough and objective benchmark to hold agency to account and set meaningful goals

  • Optimization


    Real-time campaign optimization and closer agency management

  • Efficiency


    Higher reach, greater efficiency & stronger results

  • Consultancy


    Dedicated workshop to improve skills, confidence and performance

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Unique 100 point scoring system benchmarking engagement, sentiment and more

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