Consultancy ensuring clients have the right agency, the right incentives, and the right contract in place.

Ebiquity designs and executes the pitch management process to help senior procurement, finance and media & marketing teams to select the right agencies and, importantly, to have the right contract in place.  Done well, we can help set the tone for agencies' relations and lay the foundation for high performance.  Our FirmDecisions subsidiary then evaluates how the agency is delivering against the contract to provide peace of mind, uncover issues and retrieve any money owed to the client.

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Streamlined selection 

Our experience in agency pitch management has allowed us to create a unique 12-step process that includes pre-pitch, pitching, support to decision & negotiation, cost and services commitments phases.  We tailor this process for each client. Ebiquity has unrivalled understanding of agencies’ media services, processes and revenue-generating practices. In addition, we have the largest pools of media pricing data.  Together, this data and experience allow us to streamline a difficult and resource-hungry process for clients.

Win-win contracts

In recent years agency fees are declining yet their profits continue to rise.  Brands are challenging their agencies more and seeking to protect against leakages and wastage through tighter contract management.  Working with clients our teams set upfront KPIs against which to measure performance.  Importantly, we also confirm the correct financial data access and rights are in place to enable objective evaluation.  We know how agencies operate, and our experience of previous contracts helps us to efficiently shape future ones agreeable to both parties.  We enable clients to establish win-win remuneration agreements by setting up and managing PRIP schemes that don’t conflict with client objectives.  We can subsequently use our latest buying data to benchmark agency promises made during the pitch.

Effective compliance

With our subsidiary, FirmDecisions, we can handle the legal, financial and media aspects of transparency on behalf of brands.  Rebates and AVBs are common but few brands receive the full value from their agencies.  We help brands know if they are getting what was promised or what is owed, frequently resulting in a return to them of money owed. 

In most cases, our detailed reviews of transactions help improve contracts with and confidence in their agency.  Our team, made up of ex-agency finance staff, are frequent visitors to agencies.  They know what to expect and where to look, even for the biggest and most complex clients.  They work with three quarters of the world’s biggest advertisers.

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Pitch Management, Contracting & Compliance

Questions we answer for media, marketing, and procurement teams

  • Which is the right media agency for our business?
  • What should we include and exclude from its contract to ensure transparency and optimal performance?
  • Am I benefiting from the rebates my agency receives?

Pitch Management, Contracting & Compliance In Brief

  • Experience


    Tailored 12-step pitch management process built from agency experience

  • Getting it Right

    Getting it Right

    Getting the right agency, the right incentives, and the right contract

  • PRIP


    Contracts that enable PRIP schemes which include KPIs and data access / ownership

  • Specialists


    Leading financial, legal and media compliance specialists

  • Confidence


    Improved accountability, transparency and confidence

  • Partner


    Effectiveness partners of World Federation of Advertisers

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