We are a leading independent global marketing and media consultancy

What we do

At Ebiquity, we harness the power of data, analytics, and technology to improve marketing performance.

Our global team of experts enable the world’s biggest brands to achieve a better return on their media and marketing investments. We also empower them to identify, select, and manage the right agency and technology partners, and we help them to create more impactful customer experiences and an improved path to purchase. And we help them gain competitive and consumer insights about advertising.

We are passionate about creating clarity for our clients in an ever-evolving marketing landscape and we strive to deliver greater performance and accountability throughout their marketing investments.

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Working with us

Why we do this

We believe that better measurement can drive accountability and performance for large advertisers.

We believe that marketing is a science, and that we can help clients leverage their marketing data to deliver better marketing outcomes.

We believe advertisers should have the level of transparency over their media and marketing investments that they desire – not what their trading partners are prepared to provide.

And we believe that today’s marketers need independent advisors with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to improve the return of their marketing investments.

How we do it

We have consulting teams across the world who combine deep subject matter expertise with a passion for solving client problems. As the world’s largest independent media consultancy, we help set global standards in the areas of media measurement, advisory, and compliance. And we work with leading, independent, global and national organisations – including the WFA, ANA, and ISBA – to ensure the industry is working in the best interest of our clients.

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