Strengthening in-house media capability

How Britvic enhanced the knowledge and confidence of its marketing team to ask its agency the right questions

This training has been a big help and has increased the marketing team’s focus on where we’re spending our media budget – one of Britvic’s biggest annual investments. Everyone now has far more confidence to ask the right questions, especially around value for money in digital. The sessions themselves were really brought to life and made real by analysing our own historic strategy documents and media plans.

Fiona Graham
Senior Capability Manager at
Britvic Soft Drinks

Practice & Location

Media Management


Britvic, the leading branded soft drinks manufacturer in the UK, had historically developed and delivered an in-depth education programme for its Marketing and Insight teams. Nevertheless, marketing leadership wanted to enhance still further these teams’ understanding of media planning principles and to ensure that these were reflected in plans that come back from their media agency. Britvic approached Ebiquity – an existing and trusted partner – to help plug this knowledge gap and embed a comprehensive understanding of planning across the Marketing and Insight functions. They wanted to empower in-house teams to ask the right questions of agency recommendations.


Over the course of several workshops, we helped Britvic to formulate exactly what they wanted to achieve from the training. They also plotted their vision for an improved media planning process and how they would build deeper knowledge within the marketing department.

The resulting session, attended by 50 delegates, covered a wide range of media planning topics, including how the agency planning process works and an update of digital planning practices. We reviewed actual strategy documents and media plans to identify potential areas of improvement. We also highlighted the strength of Britvic’s own data (research on ROI and awareness, and sales information). We went on to advise the Marketing and Insight teams on:

• Best practices for briefing agencies
• The kinds of planning information and strategy documentation they could reasonably expect in return from best-in-class briefing
• How to ensure key performance indicators are applied to track improvements over time


As a direct result of this training programme, the Britvic Marketing and Insight team has established a new working framework with its media agency. The agency now provides planning information in a report format of Britvic’s design that shows the various media choices and provides full visibility of costs and reach. This enables easy comparison between the different media owner options, facilitating open dialogue between the agency and Britvic.

Improved learning and knowledge in Insight and Marketing teams

Sustained focus on effectiveness in all agency interactions

Enhanced ROI via shift from targeted to high-reach media

Boosted confidence to challenge agency media plans to ensure enhanced effectiveness

Project & Process

Developed bespoke media and media planning training programme

Co-created curriculum and purpose together with Marketing Excellence team

Incorporated best practice for briefing for successful media agency response

Trained 50, cross-functional Marketing & Insight team members in first wave