Finding the perfect agency partner

How Jaguar Land Rover chose a new agency for the first time in 17 years

Ebiquity were a crucial part of the 'JLR pitch team'. They provided their technical expertise, ensuring delivery of a commercially strong outcome. But they also provided their experience, support, and camaraderie on the myriad of day-to-day matters that arose throughout the process.

Matt Hotten
Senior Manager, Global Communications, Strategy & Planning at
Jaguar Land Rover

Practice & Location

Media Management


Leading motor manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover invests more than £500m a year in advertising, across 23 markets. The company decided to hold a media agency review for the first time in 17 years. It wanted to be sure it had the right partner to maintain the quality of its media spend but at reduced cost, particularly in digital advertising. JLR wanted: 100% transparency in media buying, strategic thinking on the challenges in the automotive market in the years ahead, improved cost and quality of media, and reduced cost of service.


As well-established providers of media value measurement services to JLR, we were initially asked to construct, conduct, and assess a media cost exercise in the media agency pitch. JLR quickly expanded our remit to cover the complete agency selection process, led by our Media Management team. We provided our industry-leading, end-to-end pitch management service, working in partnership with both global and local, marketing and procurement teams at every stage of the engagement.

We took the following steps. We wrote and helped JLR assess responses to requests for information from a long list and to requests for proposals from a short list of four media agency groups. We set and evaluated global and country-level tasks, because the winning agency was required to work with both the global HQ and with 23 markets. And senior Ebiquity team members were present at agency pitches, assisting global and national client teams to judge and score agency presentations.

Digital media buying and performance had historically been challenging for JLR. So, as part of the agency selection process, we developed a new governance framework for digital advertising. This included a deep-dive digital advertising exercise in five key markets.


JLR has now chosen and successfully on-boarded a new global media agency of record, although selection and transition represent just the beginning of the journey. In addition, we developed a comprehensive measurement architecture for JLR to evaluate performance consistently in future. This uses our proprietary ValueTrack® methodology to ensure that the agency delivers on its pitch commitments and guarantees of like-for-like quality of media inventory at significantly reduced cost.

Conducted end-to-end media agency review

Delivered 100% transparency across all media buys

Enabled JLR to secure same impact with reduced spend

Created measurement architecture all media chanels

Project & Process

Appointed first new global agency of record in 17 years - Dentsu

Addressed digital measurement, safety, viewability, and non-human traffic

Negotiated improved media cost significantly with no quality compromise

Evolved engagement model from "centre out" to "markets in"