Improving the impact of advertising

How Mazda Spain increased web hits, showroom visits, and sales

By understanding the impact that our media spend has right across the purchase funnel for different models of our cars, we’ve been able to fine tune our media plans with precision. Econometric modelling is a powerful tool. It’s enabled us to do more of what works brilliantly, less of what we were already doing more than enough of, and to drop altogether what’s not relevant or impactful in our category or for our company.

José Manuel Loscos
Marketing Director at
Mazda Spain

Practice & Location

Marketing Effectiveness


Mazda Spain wanted to understand how its media spend was performing. As the decision to buy a car is long and complex, the analysis needed to show not just impact on sales, but impact all along the purchase funnel; from web visits to dealer/showroom visits, and on to final orders. By knowing what was working – and what was not – Mazda wanted to optimise media planning and buying.


We conducted a comprehensive assessment of Mazda’s media spend, price discounts, new car releases, competitor activity, and PR activations along the whole purchase lifecycle. By understanding the impact for web, dealer visits, and sales, we helped Mazda identify which activities they needed to do more of, which they needed to do less of, and which they could afford to stop doing altogether. We conducted our analysis with full collaboration from Mazda’s media agency.

Our marketing effectiveness team used econometric modelling to identify Mazda’s most impactful sales drivers. We helped the company to deploy the optimal media mix, phase spend most appropriately, and support the right product lines – those models that work hardest for the company overall. Lastly, we used our learnings from our modelling to develop forecasts and simulations to enhance future media planning and strategic decision-making.


Our analysis enabled Mazda Spain to understand with absolute clarity that TV advertising is fundamental to driving ROI. We quantified the optimal level of gross ratings points necessary to deliver the best ROI. And we identified which creativities were the most effective, not only in generating sales for specific models shown but also in driving sales across the portfolio.

Achieved continuous, sustained, two-year improvements in ROI

Leveraged halo effects of specific products across entire portfolio

Optimised media plans built on budget requirements and ROI

Rationalised digital budget to focus on highest-impact search

Project & Process

Conducted multi-channel analysis of sales drivers across total customer journey

Assessed media spend, discounts, PR, competitor activity across lifecycle

Identified impacts of specific media and channel choices on customer behaviour

Developed partnership with media agency to enhance future media planning activity