Selecting the right agency partners

Reviewing agencies is a major undertaking and shouldn’t be entered lightly or with insufficient time, energy, and resource. It’s important that everyone relevant in an advertiser business – across multiple functions and levels of responsibility – is involved. And a clear and methodical process should be followed, giving prospective partners enough time and scope to demonstrate why they’re the right fit – not just for today, but for the medium-term future.

Celine Largy Marketing Director at L’Oréal France

Case Study Highlights

  • Ran end-to-end Agency Selection process for media and search partners
  • Conducted 30 interviews with internal stakeholders as pitch preparation
  • Developed & delivered cross-functional work-shops across consumer & professional divisions


L’Oréal France is one of the biggest advertisers in the country, and France is one of L’Oréal’s top three markets worldwide. After more than ten years in partnership with its media agency of record, the beauty giant decided to benchmark the service, cost performance, and innovative thinking it received from its agency against the market. In France alone, five different divisions and 150 members of the HQ marketing and brand teams work with the agency. L’Oréal France chose to review the service provided by its search agency at the same time.


  • 1. Conducted best-in-class agency review and selection process
  • 2. Found, appointed, and on-boarded new media, search partners
  • 3. Ensured minimum disruption during agency review
  • 4. Set blueprint for agency review in other global markets

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