Selecting an innovative Data Management Platform

To get the most out of a highly technical pitch that we’d never run before, we needed guidance on both marketing and technology. By tapping into Ebiquity’s expertise, we selected the most relevant partner for current and upcoming data challenges. Now the platform is in place, this includes ensuring we have the best data strategy and validating operational recommendations linked to it.

Thomas Lancelot Head of Digital Marketing, Data & CRM at Lesieur

Case Study Highlights

  • Assessed and selected Data Management Platform provider
  • Ran vendor selection process: RFI, RFP, pitch, and onboarding
  • Integrated of 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-party data into new platform solution


Leading French oils and dressings brands, Lesieur, wanted to optimise the impact of its digital display advertising. The company was looking to integrate multiple data sources in their own Data Management Platform (DMP) to ensure that they understood their customers’ online behaviour better and that they delivered the right message to the right audience at the right time. In addition, Lesieur wanted to send a clear message to existing and potential team members that the business is at the cutting edge of digital marketing thinking and activation. So, the marketing leadership team asked Ebiquity France how they should go about developing the right DMP for the brand.


  • 1. Aligned DMP with Demand Side Platform, ad servers, and ad exchanges
  • 2. Enhanced ROI via better segmentation and targeting
  • 3. Integrated data across owned/earned media, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • 4. Improved understanding of customer journeys across devices

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