Saving millions on media spend

We turbocharged our insight and intelligence function, enabling us to know with certainty that our agency had performed at – and indeed beyond – cost guarantees. In our era of increased accountability and transparency, we’re reassured that we’re managing this critical relationship well.

Steve Pollack Head of Media Communications at Nestlé UK

Case Study Highlights

  • Analysed spend, like-for-like, across five, diverse categories for key media: TV & press
  • Explored opportunities for operational and buying improvements
  • Pressure-tested TV and magazine discounts against agency cost guarantees


Nestlé UK’s Media Department wanted to understand the subtleties of its media buying performance across two of its most important media channels, TV and press. As well as assessing performance against the guarantees put in place by its agency, the team was also looking for greater insights by comparing its results against the depth and breadth of Ebiquity’s pool, which includes data from competitors and peers. Lastly, Nestlé wanted to identify specific brand, category, or channel opportunities to improve performance that became apparent from an in-depth analysis of a complete year’s worth of data.


  • 1. Saved £ multi-millions in media performance against peers and competitors
  • 2. Rationalised spend at a brand and on a whole company level
  • 3. Identified TV as the best-performing medium across the business
  • 4. Determined bespoke levers for teams for campaign weight, targeting, seasonality

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