Enabling advertisers to rethink the value of TV

Marketers are hunting growth in challenging conditions and media continues to be a significant contributor to sales, with ROI one of the crucial ways to measure business success. Ebiquity’s research provides empirical evidence that today’s TV is not only the most effective medium – making advertisers more money than any other media overall – it is also the most efficient, with the strongest retention.

Kim Portrate Chief Executive at Think TV, Australia

Case Study Highlights

  • Analysed advertising investment and ROI data from leading Australian advertisers
  • Conducted 36-month deep dive into 21 brands’ advertising in four key sectors
  • Assessed more than AU$500m total media investment across all major media channels


ThinkTV is funded by the Australian commercial television industry to demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising on broadcast-quality TV. Inspired by Ebiquity’s research for Thinkbox in the UK, ThinkTV wanted to understand return on investment from all media channels in four of Australia’s biggest advertising sectors: FMCG, automotive, e-commerce, and finance.


  • 1. Found advertising grows brands across four biggest ad sectors
  • 2. Demonstrated TV is most efficient medium, followed by search and radio advertising
  • 3. Identified best ROI for TV for automotive and financial services advertisers
  • 4. Showed consistently strong impact for TV in Australia as in three UK, Thinkbox studies

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