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What we do, for whom, and to what effect

  • You have saved us, on average, $33,000 per promotion and we do 200 promotions per year

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  • We got a much clearer picture of how our agencies are delivering across the world.

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  • Without a doubt, this saves us a vast amount of time, and gives us confidence that we’re on top of what’s going on in our overseas markets.

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What we do

We are a leading independent marketing analytics specialist.  We guide our clients through an ever-changing marketing landscape, helping them optimize effectiveness and achieve business success.

Our skills, data and unique market knowledge allow us to deliver unique online tools, analytics and consultancy services to answer the  questions  keeping our clients awake.  

Ebiquity | Analytics

Understand and improve the impact investments have on core business KPIs

Services include:
Marketing ROI & Effectiveness
Multi-Channel Analytics
Marketing & Business Driver Tracking

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  • What is the business impact of our marketing investments?
  • How should we design our analytics program?
  • How can we make better planning decisions?

Ebiquity | Media

Drive transparency and improve media performance

Services include:
Media Auditing & Benchmarking
Digital Performance Measurement
Pitch Management, Contracting, & Compliance

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  • How can I improve the value we get from our media spend?
  • Which is the right agency for us and how do we best reward them?
  • How do I tell whether our agencies are delivering and how they are performing?

Ebiquity | Intel

Plan more effectively for better advertising and communications results

Services include:
Advertising Intelligence
Communications Insight
Media Analysis

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  • What are our competitors saying and spending?
  • How is my category evolving, which brands are leading, and what can we learn?
  • How effective are our corporate communications?

Who we work with

Our 1100 clients include over 80% of the world’s largest advertisers. Typically we engage senior marketers alongside their colleagues in insight, procurement, finance, and digital. Most of the big agency groups use our Market Intelligence services.

Clients & Partners

How we work with them

Ebiquity is independent from the media transaction process, and is technology vendor neutral. Clients therefore value the objectivity of the insights we deliver. Clients benefit from:

• Advanced marketing effectiveness techniques
• A comprehensive ad monitoring database
• The most robust media auditing cost pools
• Expert pitch management and contract advice

Our Approach

Why they work with us

Our teams strive to be engaging, inquisitive, challenging and self-assured. Our work gives clients the confidence to make better decisions and bigger improvements.

Client Results & Case Studies

Our story

Changes in technology, consumer behavior and agency practices mean marketers’ needs are constantly evolving. We continue to develop our offering at Ebiquity to best meet these needs.

Our Story