Towards data-driven marketing performance

Tracking competitor advertising

Ebiquity's origins began as Thomson Intermedia, helping UK marketers during the 1990s monitor and respond to the advertising activity in their sector.

Following our acquisition of Xtreme Information, we now provide enhanced advertising intelligence and communications insight to brands across the world.

In 2000, we floated on the UK AIM stock market. Since then we have grown rapidly to meet advertisers' growing demands for help measuring, benchmarking and improving their performance in media planning, media buying, digital media optimization, marketing effectiveness & ROI, and in the earned media and reputation spaces.

Holding media agencies to account

In 2005 we acquired media auditor Billetts and have since expanded our media value measurement capabilities in major advertising markets across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, tracking the increasingly globalized media marketplace. Today fewer, more powerful media buying groups exist in a very different media marketplace sadly characterized by issues of transparency and trust between advertiser and media agency. In 2012, we acquired FirmDecisions, experts in auditing the compliance of agencies in meeting their contractual obligations, while identifying and rectifying any negative financial impact on brands' business.

Digital performance

As digital budgets and agency fees have grown, they have rightly come under greater scrutiny. Are we spending efficiently and effectively in paid search, social media and display? What is working and how do we reward agencies accordingly? These are questions we are increasingly answering for clients.

Integrated marketing communications

More recently, partly fueled by the growing potential of influence that social media can have on a brand's reputation and business performance, we have entered the earned media space utilizing the expertise of Echo Research in evaluating communication and assessing its impact on stakeholder perceptions. The challenge for marketers to successfully manage integrated communications has never been tougher.

Data-driven insights

At a time when brands are seeking a greater degree of certainty in their marketing outcomes, they are faced with unwieldy volumes of data from an ever more complex media and marketing environment. The market is awash with dashboard and data-providers; however, there are far fewer able to aggregate, objectively interrogate and present actionable recommendations for brands to improve their business and brand performance.