• We are very proud of the long and trusted partnerships, based on our experience and expert advice, that our clients form with our specialist teams in our London head office.

    Morag Blazey, UK CEO

  • Call the team +44 (0) 20 7650 9600

  • We provide data, analytics and advice to help clients in the UK and Europe with global challenges make better – and better-informed –marketing and media decisions.

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Main contact number: +44 (0) 20 7650 9600

Local expertise

Our specialist teams understand media and marketing in the UK and around the world from experience at agencies, for brands and in consultancies. They have the necessary skills and experience in media (offline and online; paid, earned and owned), analytics, and reputation research to help clients improve brand and business performance.

The UK is where we first developed many of our company capabilities. In media value measurement, for example, we pioneered the methodologies that have since become the gold-standard, we have cultivated the most comprehensive data ‘pools’ in what is widely known as media auditing.

The UK office has been supplying advertising intelligence to Global brands, whilst analyzing campaign ROI and optimizing media and marketing investment for 20 years.

International expertise

Our international media value measurement team helps major global brands track and improve their media value across multiple territories. We draw upon, then aggregate, local data and expertise from our worldwide network of offices to meet client briefs.

We have over 30 years’ experience providing international advertising intelligence to many global brands from our London office, supported by our international data center in Newcastle, which aggregates and monitors data from across the globe into a single harmonized source.

We also provide econometrics, ROI, multi-channel analytics and promotional effectiveness for domestic & global advertisers within our MPO division.

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Ebiquity in the UK

It’s the people at Ebiquity that set us apart. Our team’s expertise and local knowledge is unrivalled, from backgrounds like media agency CEOs, senior planners and buyers, marketing directors, brand managers and management consultants.

  • Simon Cooke

    Commercial Director, UK

  • Martin Sambrook

    International Business Development & Client Service

  • Mark Gay

    Head of International Media

  • Nick Pugh

    Head of Effectiveness, UK

  • Simon Cross

    Client Service & Product Development Director

  • Judith Warn-Ford

    Head of UK Media

  • Stuart Deverson

    Head of Advertising Intelligence UK

  • Charlie Glennie

    Head of Advertising Intelligence International

  • Annabel Brown

    Head of Compliance Services

Global Capability Leadership

  • Morag Blazey

    Managing Principal, Ebiquity | Intel

  • Laetitia Zinetti

    Managing Principal, Media Consulting

  • Dietmar Kruse

    Managing Principal, Media Measurement

  • Tim Hussain

    Managing Principal - Europe, Ebiquity|Tech

  • Mike Cambell

    Head of International Effectiveness

  • Stephen Broderick

    CEO, FirmDecisions

FirmDecisions in the UK

  • Stephen Broderick

    CEO, FirmDecisions

  • Terry Edwards

    Partner, Media Services, FirmDecisions

  • Alison Sanderson

    Partner, FirmDecisions

  • Federica Aperio

    Managing Director - Digital, FirmDecisions

  • Tony Whittingstall

    Managing Director, UK, FirmDecisions

  • Elliot Sherrington

    Client Services Director, FirmDecisions