• Transparency, market knowledge and media skills.

    Arcangelo Di Nieri, Italy CEO

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  • Our aim is to work closely with clients to help them in improving their performances and to facilitate their partnership with media companies.

Main contact number: +39 02 3672 8000

Local expertise

Ebiquity Italy, based in Milan, is the acquisition by Ebiquity International of Media Advisor, a company that was set up in 2003 as the first Italian media audit company.

The co –founders of Media Advisor (Arcangelo Di Nieri and Maria Gabrielli) have combined the best international and local knowledge to provide to clients the most innovative media auditing & benchmarking methodology in the market.

After the international acquisition of FLE, Ebiquity is now in the position to be the leading company in Italy having the largest pool in the market that covers all business segments and all offline and online media.

Our services include both offline and online media audit analysis.  

A specialized online department is in charge to deliver services covering all digital aspects: display, search and social.

We also have the following services available to clients; media consulting, training, econometrics and media pitch skills.

International expertise

We have a consolidated experience in assisting clients across multiple territories.  We work closely at local level with clients to generate the best service utilizing the local expertise from across the network. 

On demand we can provide international advertising intelligence through our London office.

Contact the team

Ebiquity in Italy

  • Arcangelo Di Nieri

    CEO, Italy

  • Maria Gabrielli

    General Manager, Italy

Global Capability Leadership

  • Morag Blazey

    Managing Principal, Ebiquity | Intel

  • Laetitia Zinetti

    Managing Principal, Media Consulting

  • Dietmar Kruse

    Managing Principal, Media Measurement

  • Tim Hussain

    Managing Principal - Europe, Ebiquity|Tech

  • Mike Cambell

    Head of International Effectiveness

  • Stephen Broderick

    CEO, FirmDecisions