• Our clients find our tailored benchmarking methodology, personal expertise and market trading insights invaluable.

    Geert Dronkers, Founding Partner of Ebiquity Netherlands

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  • As a team of media professionals we are dedicated in delivering unique insights to our clients. Our mentality is entrepreneurial and we have a ‘working togetherness’ approach.

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    Investing in software and data science

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Main contact number: +31 (0) 20 676 7070

Local expertise

Ebiquity Netherlands started in 2004 as Media Benchmark BV.  Now, almost 10 years later, our pools represent over 35% of the market spend and we work with many major advertisers.

In 2012 Bart van de Gaag joined our team as General Manager. With his expertise as a media manager on both client and agency side, we are able to help our clients improve their media value in many other ways.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Dutch media trading market continuously helps advertisers to improve their efficiency and drives transparency in their media buying.

In addition we draw in expertise from other Ebiquity teams to improve our clients’ market intelligence and to optimise their marketing performance.

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Ebiquity in Netherlands

  • Geert Dronkers

    Managing Partner, Netherlands

  • Bart van der Gaag

    General Manager

Global Capability Leadership

  • Morag Blazey

    Managing Principal, Ebiquity | Intel

  • Laetitia Zinetti

    Managing Principal, Media Consulting

  • Dietmar Kruse

    Managing Principal, Media Measurement

  • Tim Hussain

    Managing Principal - Europe, Ebiquity|Tech

  • Mike Cambell

    Head of International Effectiveness

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    CEO, FirmDecisions