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  • Ebiquity Russia has established itself as the independent consultancy. Our expertise is intensively used by advertisers to continuously improve their media and marketing performance.

    Vladimir Rass, Russia CEO

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  • The Russian team works with a wide range of local and international companies, using the best of our corporate tools, techniques, personal skills, knowledge and the expertise of our team.

Main contact number: +7 (495) 730 36 83

Local expertise

The company, known at that time as The Joined Up Media Company, was founded in April 1999 and became the first independent media auditor in Russia. We developed the methodologies of media auditing, which reflected the realities of the Russian media market, which made them credible in the eyes of both advertisers and media agencies.

In 2010 the company became a part of Decision Group, providing a wider scope of services and expertise to the communications market in the areas of econometric modelling, consumer research, media management and digital audit.

Following the acquisition by Ebiquity in 2011 the best international auditing techniques and tools were adapted to be used in the Russian market.

Our expert team has worked in media for almost 20 years and can provide our clients with deep insights on how the Russian media and agency markets work.

International expertise

From our offices in Moscow and Zagreb we provide media auditing services across a vast region of CIS, Eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The local media experience of our partners and consultants along with the application of internationally proven tools permit us to deliver the highest possible standard of service in each market.

In addition we draw in expertise from other Ebiquity teams to improve our clients’ market intelligence and to optimise their marketing performance.

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Ebiquity in Russia/CIS/CEE

  • Vladimir Rass

    General Director, Russia

  • Snjezana Ivanovic

    Managing Director, CEE

Global Capability Leadership

  • Morag Blazey

    Managing Principal, Ebiquity | Intel

  • Laetitia Zinetti

    Managing Principal, Media Consulting

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    Managing Principal, Media Measurement

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    Managing Principal - Europe, Ebiquity|Tech

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    Head of International Effectiveness

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    CEO, FirmDecisions