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  • We partner with our clients to provide data-driven insights via our strategic consulting and guidance on improving marketing performance.

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  • Ebiquity has the largest media cost pools on the continent and largest competitive advertising database in the world

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  • Ex-PepsiCo Vice President of Global Procurement, Richard Bellas speaks about Ebiquity delivering Return on Investment

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Main contact number: +1 (312) 649 8238

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PepsiCo Case Study - Why Choose Ebiquity? PepsiCo Case Study - Delivering Return on Investment

Depth of knowledge and expertise

Ebiquity Americas reviews and advises on over $11 billion of advertising and media spend, resulting in tens of millions of saved and reallocated media and marketing dollars for our clients every year.

Our staff combines over a century’s worth of media, advertising, and digital marketing expertise to afford our clients the most intelligent, confidential and complete experience in measuring and optimizing all earned, owned, and bought media channels, whether digital or analog.

We are the only organization that combines the practical expertise and hands-on knowledge of having personally owned every aspect of our clients' day -to -day challenges. We are not consultants. We have bought and sold media, operated data analytics and social media companies, managed research firms, executed content and creative branding campaigns, and run complete customer experience initiatives.

We've come together and built the largest media cost pools on the continent and largest competitive advertising database in the world to help our clients drive strategy, rationalize competitive threats, hold agencies accountable, and optimize conversion performance.

Past experience

We understand how hard it is because we've done it and we own it every day on behalf of our clients. Our unique blend of soulful experience, brilliant data management and modeling capabilities, and hands-on experience in all of the technologies that a contemporary practitioner is asked to master allows us to understand the challenges of our clients at a detailed level, the experience to know where the hidden gems may lie, and the seniority to drive strategic differentiation at the C-level.

We look at all earned, owned, and bought channels as an ecosystem, both online and offline. Our unique methodologies allow us to audit & benchmark, monitor & provide competitor intelligence, and optimize & improve performance to provide a complete view of every dollar spent.


Our Stratigent team has been providing Multi-Channel Analytics services to businesses the world over since 2002. Its consultants work with clients to devise, implement, benchmark, and optimize their analytics program, to generate confidence-inspiring data-driven cultures that improve business results, particularly within owned media.

In both New York and São Paulo, our FirmDecisions teams undertake financial and media compliance work on behalf of brands in the area. Their audits frequently uncover and secure significant money owed which can, in turn, help self-fund additional performance management programs.

Independent perspectives

In a world where there is increasing opacity in how brands’ dollars are spent, where there is a meld expected between online and offline, where there is a desire to understand how television affects online conversions and social media represents brand perceptions, there is no other independent partner who can help brands make sense of the maelstrom we live in every single day.

Our clients value the support of our people who have walked in their shoes, driven their cars and are not tainted by alliances and politics. Ebiquity is the independent, marketing optimization company that uses data-driven insights as an ally to make the life of brands better.

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Ebiquity in North & South America

  • Bill Bruno

    Chief Executive Officer, Ebiquity, North America

  • Maigari Jinkiri

    Chief Revenue Officer, Ebiquity, North America

  • Sarah Dobes

    Director of Operations, Ebiquity, North America

  • David 'DJ' Johnson

    Vice President of Account Development, Ebiquity, North America

  • Philippe Geyskens

    Managing Director of Analytics, Ebiquity, North America

  • Christine Merrifield

    Managing Director of Media, Ebiquity, North America

  • Camilo Lizzaralde

    Head of Digital, Ebiquity, North America

  • Courtney Bricker

    Account Director, Ebiquity, North America

  • Michael Reynolds

    Director of Advertising Intelligence, Ebiquity, North America

  • Victoria Potter

    Director of Client Services, Ebiquity, North America

Global Capability Leadership

  • Morag Blazey

    Managing Principal, Ebiquity | Intel

  • Laetitia Zinetti

    Managing Principal, Media Consulting

  • Dietmar Kruse

    Managing Principal, Media Measurement

  • Stephen Broderick

    CEO, FirmDecisions

FirmDecisions in North & South America

  • Tony Newcomb

    Partner & Managing Director, LATAM, FirmDecisons

  • Fiona Foy

    Managing Director - North America - FirmDecisions