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  • They have added real value through both the auditing and the consultancy to the extent that we are seeing benefits this year and look forward to next.

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    ANA Media Transparency Guidelines: The Turning Point for Advertisers?

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    Agency Contracts in the Legal Spotlight

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Brands that invest in paid media want reassurance that their investment is done competitively and whether any efficiency improvements are possible. Our analysts typically identify improvement opportunities worth between 5 and 15% of client media spend across both traditional and digital channels, usually many times our fee.

With one of the world's largest independent pools of media performance and cost data and market-leading methodologies, we help clients assess agency performance against our benchmarks or against their commitments and help determine and surface the appropriate metrics to judge success. We also help you navigate the ever-changing digital media ecosystem to give you clarity around what’s being seen, by whom and where, what’s not working, why, and what you can do to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your activity across all digital channels.

Media Auditing & Benchmarking 
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Questions we answer


How can we improve our media performance within traditional and digital channels?​


How is our media buying performing, and how does it compare to market benchmarks?​


How can I be sure that my agency is delivering its media pricing guarantees?

Consulting In Brief

  • Global Leaders

    Global Leaders

    The world’s leading specialist - last year we analysed media spend from over 250 advertisers

  • Largest Consolidated Database

    Largest Consolidated Database

    The world’s largest cost database ($41bn pool) covering all major sectors

  • Partners


    Effectiveness partners of World Federation of Advertisers

  • Performance


    Establishing true year-on-year buying performance

  • Optimization


    Real-time campaign optimization and closer agency management