Marketing & Business Driver Tracking

Identify, track, and communicate the key marketing drivers of your business performance

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Faced with a mountain of 'big data', today’s marketers are increasingly asking for clarity and transparency. Ebiquity's data analytics and marketing expertise allows us to help today's marketers engage their teams and other internal stakeholders, and show how marketing is addressing business challenges. We provide them with an easy-to-understand and constantly updated view of key business drivers and lead indicators... and a way of directing attention towards the areas that need additional focus.

Circle Marketing Business Driver Tracking

Path-to-purchase metrics

We work with clients to understand their specific strategic marketing objectives, and to identify – using our analytical capabilities and marketing know-how – the key metrics along the path to purchase for their brand. Where the necessary analysis has not been completed, we use statistical modeling techniques to help them better understand the relationships between cause and effect. In the process, internal stakeholders start to build a better understanding of the dynamics of our clients' business and the role that marketing plays.

Vital Signs

Once we have established what to track, we develop a tailored Vital Signs dashboard that monitors key data – whether this is the client’s own sales data, data we source through our Market Intelligence platforms or Media Value Measurement pools or data from third parties. This data is overlaid with regularly updated insight commentary. Vital Signs is available as a web-based platform, which enables senior marketers to more effectively engage their marketing teams and other internal stakeholders.

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Questions we answer for marketing, insight, and sales teams


How do I make sure the right data is in front of the right people?


How do I ensure that the business understands the role of marketing and media?


How can I bring key data and insights together to present to my business?

Marketing & Business Driver Tracking In Brief

  • Stakeholder KPI Engagement

    Stakeholder KPI Engagement

    Path to-purchase metrics identified and shared

  • Statistical


    Sophisticated analysis techniques and tools

  • Custom


    Individual tailored dashboards

  • Data Aggregation

    Data Aggregation

    Multiple sources distilled into an easily readable format