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  • “We now extract meaningful insights from our customers’ behavior to enhance their experience of our brand, online and offline. This has led to significant, incremental increases in revenue, and these are testament to the enduring strength of the model we’ve built in partnership with Ebiquity’s skilled and experienced modelers.”

    Head of analytics for a major airline

Understanding how different campaigns, channel choices, and activities affect customer behavior is essential for marketers looking to optimize performance across every touchpoint of their customers’ journeys. And although an increasing proportion of budgets are invested in digital, effective multi-channel attribution models need to account for the impact of all inputs, online and offline (such as price, promotions, etc).

Ultimately the question has to be answered, 'What is the right split percentage online and offline to maxmise sales?'

More than just digital

Although digital has increased the number of opportunities marketers have at their disposal to influence their customers – and there has been improvements in the quality and quantity of cookie-level data available for analysis – multi-channel attribution models need to consider the impact of all inputs on customer behavior, online and offline, as well as other media. Best practice models combine top-down econometrics and bottom-up digital attribution.

Let the data decide

Multi-channel attribution models should be built to let the data decide which inputs have had what impact. This requires modelers to apply no rules that bias the outcome of the analysis, whether these rules are first-click, last-click, linear credit, position-based, or time decay.

'Clear box' solutions

Traditional attribution models are 'black box' – solutions that require marketers to buy into a proprietary but unexplained and unaccountable methodology. Marketers should demand that their attribution models are ‘clear box’ – entirely transparent as to which input variables are selected and how they are rated and weighted in the models.

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