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Expert help in an increasingly complex and non-transparent area

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For the progressive advertiser, today’s media landscape offers unprecedented opportunities to connect with customers. But its complexity threatens to overwhelm even the best-informed marketer.

Objective tailored advice 
Our independence and unrivaled media experience across the world mean that our consultants are ideally placed to help you capitalize on the ever-evolving media market, making your investments more efficient and more effective. For our specialist Media Consultancy team, one size definitely does not fit all. We begin every engagement with a focused situational assessment to understand the specific issues and unique circumstances you face. Our media experts develop a tailored roadmap to address your brand’s most pressing needs. We offer a comprehensive blend of strategic and tactical services, addressing advertisers’ biggest challenges.


Technology and Data

We help you own and manage your data and ad technology

Advertisers should take ownership of all data generated by their advertising activity and exert control over all media ad technology used on their behalf. We help you select and deploy the most relevant advertising technology for your needs and advise you how to make the best use of your data.

We do this through Media Data & Ad Tech Strategy. Find out more.

Organization and Operations

We help you create the right internal marcomms structure

Seismic changes in the media landscape in recent years mean many advertisers are simply not set up internally to understand and optimize media performance in the increasingly digital world. We help define and implement a more efficient operation, fit-for-purpose in a modern marketing organization.

We do this through Marcomms Operations. Find out more.

Training and Development

We help you develop your team, instilling knowledge and confidence

“What’s our Pinterest strategy? Should we even have one?” “How can we use VOD to amplify linear TV advertising?” The bewildering pace at which media technologies, channels, and platforms are developing and changing means that today’s marketers need to invest in continuous personal development. We help raise our client teams’ capabilities through interactive training and development.

We do this through tailored Media Training workshops and best-practice implementation. Find out more.

Selection and Management

We help you to choose and manage the right agency partners

To deliver the best possible return on marketing investment, advertisers need to work in close and genuine partnership with their agency partners. We help you select the best partner and establish efficient, transparent relationships with your different agency partners. Sometimes this means embarking on a new partnership; sometimes it means restoring trust and transparency to an existing one.

We do this through Media Agency Pitch Management to find the perfect partner to suit your needs. Find out more.

And we do this through an Agency Process Review to stimulate better agency performance. Find out more.

Contracts and Remuneration

We help you get the agency contract clauses you need

Advertisers should ensure that contracts with media agencies contain robust provisions to deliver full transparency and define the most appropriate remuneration schemes. We help you develop the best contracts with your agencies – or upgrade existing contracts.

We do this through Media Agency Contract Management in partnership with expert media legal counsel, Reed Smith. Find out more.

Planning and Strategy

We help you develop the optimal media strategy and the plans that are right for you

As technology, channels, and media platforms continue to develop, your media planning and campaign strategies must evolve too. We help you assess and fine-tune agency media strategy and campaign planning to optimize media and marketing performance.

We do this through Planning & Strategy Assessment and execution. Find out more.

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Media Consultancy In Brief

  • Market Expertise

    Market Expertise

    Experienced practitioners with agency, advertiser, and consultancy backgrounds

  • Confidence


    Improving brands' ability to implement efficient operations

  • Getting it Right

    Getting it Right

    Getting the right agency, the right incentives, and the right contract

  • Specialists


    Experienced data and technology advisors

  • Enhance


    A scored appraisal of working practices to then enhance knowledge and agency management