Ad Verification & Vouching

Independent verification that advertising appeared as intended.

  • We can check actual insertion and positioning much more quickly than requesting papers by post, which delivers happier clients and fewer account queries.

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We allow publishers, agencies and brands to quickly, easily and cost-effectively see that advertising ran as booked, providing the industry with a full vouching service to manage campaigns better.

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Efficient ad vouching for publishers and agencies

In the UK & Netherlands we are the recognized leading provider of electronic ad vouching services. ePublisher is a self-serve electronic ad vouching SaaS platform, that enables publishers to give swift and accurate proof to brands and media agencies that their ads ran as booked. It is more reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly than hard-copy vouching, which is why most of the main regional press publishers use ePublisher.

Clients requiring a managed service use ePublisher Direct. We tailor the service for our clients, for whom we reduce costs, speed up cash-flow and simplify what can be a challenging and labor intensive process.

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Ad Verification & Vouching In Brief

  • Campaign Management

    Campaign Management

    Verify ads ran as intended

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improved Efficiency

    Correct errors and agree compensation

  • Savings


    Online systems saving time and money

  • Tailored


    Self-serve and managed services available