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  • With the efficiency of their media investment under threat, brands are increasingly turning to us for ways to improve it.

    Alec Kenny, Head of Ebiquity South Africa

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  • Helping South African advertisers get the most out of their media investment for over 12 years.

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Local expertise

Using our knowledge of the local media market to help both local advertisers and increasingly too international brands, we have been helping South African advertisers get the most of their media investment for over 12 years.

Client relations

Our clients range from the very largest spenders to much smaller advertisers across many categories. Our long client relationships are testimony to the efficiency of our services. Our relationships with agencies, media owners, researchers and in the broader marketing and media arena mean that we can focus on future recommendations, instead of simply being a post-mortem on past performance.

Our experience means we are sensitive to the make-up and evolution of the country's population demographics, the impact of which we continually assess on targeting and delivery within a changing media landscape.

Depth of knowledge

Our cost database has stood the test of time, with its robustness allowing us to cater for the diverse range of target audiences and budget levels of our clients. We audit all media and also carry out Media Strategy Consulting. We examine the processes, systems and relationships that impact media performance and advise on agency remuneration schemes and assist in agency reviews.

The business is led by Alec Kenny, using his advertising and media agency experience. Alec divides his time between both the UK and South Africa.

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Ebiquity in South Africa

  • Alec Kenny

    Head of South Africa

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