Choosing the Right CX Platform for Your Business

by Marketing Team,
Friday, August 18, 2017

The Customer Experience (CX) industry has gone through some major changes in recent years. Just a few years ago, there were basically two main options: An Entry Level Solution or an Enterprise Ready Solution. This left a large amount of companies who were interested in a middle solution without an option. Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have become the standard delivery mode and native mobile is at the forefront of every purchasing decision. This has increased the options available as well as competition in the CX industry significantly.

However, with great options comes great responsibility! (close enough, right?) Now, more than ever before, it is imperative that you are choosing the right CX solution for your business. With an almost endless amount of choices compared to three years ago though, this can quickly become an overwhelming process.


The Rise of SaaS

Before we dive into this topic any further, let’s quickly go over the rise of SaaS CX solutions. In the early days of customer service, the only feasible way to capture your CX data was to host and manage a complex infrastructure internally. This typically required specialized experts to manage and maintain which made it much less agile.

By comparison, SaaS based CX solutions are generally less expensive and do not require specialized expertise to manage and maintain an internal infrastructure. In addition to their lower cost, these solutions are much simpler to deploy. In most cases, a feature-rich CX application can be deployed in minutes by adding the appropriate tagging to your web site. Furthermore, since specific expertise is not required to manage and maintain the infrastructure, it is easier to involve more members of the team in the CX process.

SaaS solutions aren’t for everyone, though. Some businesses, such as companies in the financial and healthcare industries, may prefer to host their CX platforms internally due to strict data security concerns. Outside of these industries, the overwhelming majority of new CX customers opt for a SaaS-based option due in large part to its lower relative cost and simplicity of deployment.


Native Mobile

As customers continue their nomadic ways, tracking mobile CX is becoming increasingly important. Mobile Data Traffic has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years and, for the first time, mobile internet traffic exceeded desktop traffic worldwide. While all CX deployments do a fine job tracking mobile web, native mobile is an entirely different beast. (learn more about mobile analytics implementation)

Being able to tie a visitor’s experience together from their phone to their tablet and desktop is something that has yet to be mastered by CX providers, but is something that will separate the leaders from the laggards in the race to the top. There are a wide variety of companies jockeying for this top spot as well, from original enterprise and mid-level level solutions such as IBM Tealeaf, Clicktale, and UserReplay to newer enterprise and mid-level solutions like Quantum Metric, Content Square, Glassbox Digital, and DecibelInsight. This intense competition has helped spur new innovations, such as Native Mobile, that can make significant impacts to your business. More than ever before, choosing the correct CX solution is vital for your business.


Hybrid Solutions

While many of the solution providers have levitated toward cloud based solutions, there are a few that provide the flexibility to deploy their solution in a variety of ways like Glassbox. For companies looking for more control over their data, these providers can offer SaaS/Cloud only, on-premise, or hybrid solutions that leverage both cloud and on-premise technologies.

These hybrid solutions leverage the cloud to reduce costs on expensive hardware and maintenance needed for a traditional on-premise solution, while also allowing you to store sensitive data in your own data center for increased security and control. We recently had a large healthcare insurance company move from an on-premise to hybrid solution that allowed them to leverage the cloud for increased efficiencies while also maintaining regulatory compliance.


But What CX Solution is the Correct Solution for Me?

Now that we’ve explained the 3 main types of CX solution options, you might be wondering “which one is right for me?” Trust us, you are not alone in this thought. Below are some questions that we commonly ask clients when they are beginning to explore the various CX possibilities. You’ll notice that most of these questions are not simple Yes/No type questions, this is by design. When selecting a CX solution, there are a multitude of variables that need to be considered and no two solutions are the same. While the answers to these questions won’t pick a solution for you, they should help in getting the discussion started and show you where you might need additional guidance.

  1. Functionality – How does the technology meet your functional requirements today and in the future?
  2. Architecture – How does the technology fit with your organization’s technical and regulatory requirements?
  3. Migration – How feasible is it to migrate the organization to the new technology?
  4. Budget – What is the total cost of implementation and ownership, including purchase, deployment, customization, and support?
  5. Vendor – Does the vendor demonstrate ability in line with your requirements and are they continually investing in the technology?


Exciting Times Ahead

Make no mistake, these are exciting times for the CX industry! With the battle for dominance heating up, the solution that ends on top will be dictated by a variety of factors, ultimately, culminating in which provider listens most effectively and delivers the best Customer Experience. The industry is still young and turbulent, though. With this rapid pace of growth and innovation in the market, it is critical to have a proper strategy in place that takes into account your organization's unique needs and helps you both navigate the changing landscape while growing along with it.


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