Cannes, June 21, 2017 — Ebiquity, an independent, global leader in marketing and media analytics, has announced the launch of an innovative transparency measurement and evaluation tool for advertisers at Cannes Lions Festival 2017.

The Ebiquity Media Transparency Score, available from late June, has been developed to help advertisers understand how well their business operations perform in achieving the level of media transparency they desire from their marketing activities. Advertisers will complete an in-depth questionnaire, with a score that provides an absolute and relative value. The vision is for clients to be able to compare media transparency levels within their own business and peers.

The new tool will enable advertisers to use their individual score to prioritise and align their marketing focus for the year ahead, as well as track the internal progress towards their media transparency goals. It can also be used as the basis for incentive schemes that advertisers may use to reward internal teams.

The new service comes one year on from the ANA Media Transparency Initiative, which put the transparency agenda high on advertisers’ concerns and challenges. It also helps advertisers respond to the call for more media transparency, such as from Marc Pritchard, the Chief Brand Officer of P&G.

The Ebiquity Media Transparency Score in particular responds to advertiser concerns over the increasingly complex digital media ecosystem and the need for increased stewardship over data and technology within client organisations. The score has been developed to tackle these challenges by asking advertisers to complete a web based questionnaire covering systems, processes, and governance. The ultimate aim of the tool is to improve media transparency by giving access to a common metric and allowing advertisers to benchmark their level of transparency against their peers.

Laetitia Zinetti, Managing Principal for Ebiquity’s Strategic Media Consulting practice, said:

‘Media transparency is one of the most pressing topics for advertisers today. We have been partnering with advertisers to help them improve the accountability of their media investments for many years, and we believe the Ebiquity Media Transparency Score will become one of the industry standard benchmarks for this.”