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Advertising in online video and video on demand (VOD) content is very much flavor of the month, with media agencies routinely recommending that advertisers invest 5, 10, even 15 percent of their linear TV budgets online. But is this one-size-fits-all, blanket prescription serving brands well?

Simon Cross, Client and Product Development Director in Ebiquity’s UK media practice, encourages advertisers to thoroughly scrutinize the data, rationale, cost, and potential ROI before investing any of their budget in online video and VOD. While there is some evidence that it may build coverage for brands targeting hard-to-reach audiences – including younger, digitally savvy men – Simon argues that there is simply not enough data transparency in the online video industry at large right now to justify the levels of investment currently being recommended.

Ebiquity Viewpoint – Online Video and VOD Advertising includes:

• Analysis of the market and an explanation of how the market has grown so quickly
• Advice on how to evaluate the suitability of online video/VOD for your brand
• Ten questions every advertiser should ask their media agency about online video
• A comprehensive selection of Frequently Asked Questions to help give advertisers a thorough grounding in online video and VOD
• A myth-busting glossary of acronyms and terms used by the industry