Google Analytics Data Studio 360 - take your visualization & reporting to the next level

by Marketing Team,
Friday, February 3, 2017

Google Analytics Data Studio 360 - take your visualization & reporting to the next level

Integrating data is a must for businesses looking to achieve actionable insights based on their data; but often times data is siloed and the act of gathering each piece of data for a holistic view is a very daunting and time-consuming task. Your team’s time is valuable and spending time formatting, spreadsheeting, fumbling through reports and clunking through charts can end up with few insights to share. Yes, the struggle is real. 


Luckily, there are options available to help set you & your team up for success. In 2016, Google released their new & improved Google Analytics 360 suite. The suite included upgrades to their analytics, tag manager, and attribution solutions. It also debuted three new services – Optimize 360, Audience Center 360, and Data Studio 360. 


Business runs on data. 

For teams that need help through the struggle of data consolidation and visualization, Data Studio 360 makes every bit of your vital data accessible and useful, so your team can find and share the answers to your most important questions.


After the release of Google Analytics Suite 360 last year, we’ve seen many leading brands utilize Data Studio to visualize data collected in attractive and interactive reports and dashboards. It is extremely helpful that Data Studio doesn’t just interpret data from the GA suite, it can merge data from any data source that can be piled into an Excel spreadsheet and fully integrates with Google Sheets, AdWords, BigQuery, YouTube, and Attribution 360. 


This consolidation means businesses can take a full look at their data, across multiple sources, in one, manageable platform. Although this is a wonderful step in data-driven marketing, it does not come without it’s challenges. The set-up can be tedious and are you actually analyzing the right data based on your business’s KPIs? 


GA Data Studio 360 Expert Solutions built for your needs.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Reseller, we have been endorsed by Google since 2005 to provide support for Google Analytics (Standard and 360 Suite) as well as the full platform as it has developed over time. Our experience with building world-class multi-channel analytics programs, combined with the powerful and flexible features of the Google platform, can help you take your program to the next level to achieve results. Each of our clients receives dedicated account management from a consultant certified on the Google platform.



For customers who are new to Data Studio 360, we offer a starter package that will include a variety of services designed to help you take your most important metrics and transform them into a set of dashboards that will allow you to start making data-driven decisions. 



For customers who are already using Data Studio 360, we will delve into the more advanced topics to make sure you are utilizing the correct data and to help your reports tell an engaging and informative story. We fully train your team on the advanced features and functionality, as well as provide a personal GA360 specialist to work with your team to review and adjust your dashboards per visualization best practices. The program also highlights areas of potential opportunity and provide insights and recommendations around your metrics, KPIs, custom dimensions, and more.


For detailed information on these packages visit our Data Studio 360 page or to speak with one of our certified GA360 specialists, email us at 


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