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What’s keeping marketers awake? 
It’s hard to have a single, comparable view of digital media delivery across different markets.

What’s the issue?
Although digital media is more global in some respects (e.g., via global vendors like Google and Facebook), there are huge differences in how digital media is traded and measured between markets. It’s incredibly difficult for marketers at a regional or global level to know how media delivery compares across more than one market.

What do our experts recommend marketers should do to address this?
To have a proper understanding of digital media efficiency, advertisers need to be able to compare apples with apples: to have a single worldview of media delivery across all the different media and markets where they support their brands with ad spend. This is what best practice looks like. Digital makes this task more challenging because it’s still a relatively new environment, there are no universal benchmarking standards, it’s constantly evolving, there are many different formats of advertising available, and because performance on the same platform is often evaluated in different ways in different markets.

Advertisers need a single, unified, and automated methodology to achieve a full view of their digital media delivery, combining cost and exposure quality, and which is comparable across markets. They need to be able to combine, match, and analyze millions of data points covering advertising cost and quality. Exposure quality metrics should include audience targeting, viewability, the proportion of traffic that’s human and not bots, targeting, and brand safety.

Having harmonized previously independent data sets, advertisers can generate data-driven insights and take direct action to optimize digital media performance across brands and markets.

What questions are marketers asking us?

1. How did my digital advertising campaign perform overall?

2. Why is my digital media more efficient in some markets than others?

3. How can we use learnings about where we’re buying media most efficiently to optimize media delivery in every market where we advertise?

4. How effectively is my media agency buying media in different markets?

5. How can I ensure that my digital advertising is viewable, targeted at my customers, seen by actual people, and appearing in environments that are safe and appropriate for my brand in all markets?

What are the benefits of taking this approach?
By combining cost and exposure quality metrics across markets, advertisers have clarity on the full extent of their digital advertising delivery.

  • By knowing how and where to improve, advertisers can steer and brief agencies better.
  • Advertisers need to obtain quality data from a partner with no vested interest in selling media inventory.

To invest with confidence in digital channels that deliver for them, advertisers need comprehensive access to meaningful data. By knowing for sure how brands are performing in all markets on a comparable basis, advertisers can be clear how to make the best investments to improve advertising performance and incentivize their trading partners to improve delivery.

Dietmar Kruse, Global Practice Principal of Media Measurement at Ebiquity

Our approach in summary
Aligned digital intelligence, harmonizing cost and quality metrics across digital media channels and across markets, to give a single view of digital media performance.