See the Entire Picture with Total View Attribution

by Marketing Team,
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What are the shares between online and offline sales & media?” Or maybe the question was “What is the business impact of our marketing investments?”

Today’s media landscape is full of challenges that impact your ability to achieve business goals. Among the top challenges are ever evolving fraud tactics, debates over viewability standards, and transparency between your media agency and your team. These pressures are underscoring the importance of having an accurate understanding of how each element of your media mix is utilizing your budget to achieve your goals.

Traditionally, digital media attribution has operated in a silo of its own ecosystem, failing to recognize how analog media is complementing digital’s performance. With the findings of last year’s ANA transparency study, advertisers now need to also demand attribution models that are protected from the bias of media agency’s interests, free of rule-based weighting, and show their math. To say the least, this can feel overwhelming.

Total View Attribution [Download Our Complimentary Guide] is the solution for marrying your analog and digital performance. Our Total View Attribution combines the use of econometrics to evaluate the analog media with the traditional digital media attribution models.  There are many solutions offered in the market today, but only Ebiquity is using a hybrid of top-down econometrics and bottom-up ‘clear box’ methodologies that correctly contextualizes digital versus other media.

A Unique Approach

Ebiquity is a media thought-leader and our Total View Attribution is not an automated tool or dashboard offering, we approach each client with a unique lens and deliver a clear narrative with actionable insights. This approach allows us to be flexible to your individual needs and shortens the runway needed to activate your data. Our process follows five straightforward steps and is designed to occur within a 3-month period:

  1. Marketing Assessment - We begin each effort with a marketing assessment to review your media channels and how different campaigns have performed in each channel. We also place an emphasis on identifying the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to use within your specific model.   
  2. Data Assessment - We then assess and catalog the available data sets and determine whether attribution is both possible and relevant for your organization. This is an assumption that most vendors neglect to confirm.
  3. Modeling Stage - With KPIs identified and supporting data in place, we begin the process of identifying the correct modeling approach for your individual needs: Digital, Econometric or Total View. With our Total View Attribution, we utilize methods that allow the data to decide how much weight to assign to each channel or other attributes; eliminating the bias found in many solutions currently in the market.
  4. Data Collection - With the leg work complete, we begin to onboard your data set into the model of choice and allow the computations to run.
  5. Output – Our experienced team of data scientists review the resulting output of the model and develop a deliverable to help explain the narrative of what is happening in your media mix along with the actions you should take to navigate towards your goals.

The Final Product

Ebiquity’s unique approach is focused on a ‘clear box’ solution that removes hidden variables and algorithms. While we understand that most clients won’t want to look under the hood of our attribution model, our ‘clear box’ approach makes this an option, allowing each client to understand precisely how we analyze each data set. Good attribution is only partly about analytics though. You also need to have a group of trusted media experts skilled at translating deep and rich Total View Attribution models into actionable insights for your business.

By enabling optimization of the total marketing mix and the best-performing investments, Total View Attribution will allow you to help your business make better-informed Media and Marketing investment decisions.

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