Ebiquity and the World Federation of Advertisers jointly hosted a webinar: ‘Seeing through the Financial Fog’ based on the Ebiquity, ANA, ACA, and Ad/FIN report on programmatic media buying in the U.S. marketplace.


Ever since reports from the WFA and others estimated that the programmatic “technology tax” could exceed 60% of an advertiser’s media budget, questions have been growing around the “hidden costs” of the programmatic ecosystem and the inherent lack of transactional transparency.

In this webinar, Bill Bruno, CEO North America, Ebiquity, reveals results from the innovative study with the ANA (US), the ACA (Canada), Ebiquity and AD/FIN around the programmatic media ecosystem. The objectives of the study were to explore the opportunities and challenges advertisers face with programmatic, particularly regarding transparency of data, to create a data-driven fact base around the economics of programmatic media trading.

How confident are you that you have complete and granular transparency of your programmatic media costs? Nearly 55% of the webinar attendees stated that they were ‘not very confident’ in their level of transparency.

Follow along as we peer through the financial fog to understand…

  • The true flow of spend between the intermediaries in the chain
  • The actual costs of media inventory
  • What’s standing in the way of advertisers making the most of the opportunities afforded by programmatic trading

A recording of the webinar is available to download via the form below.