Hosted by: WARC & Ebiquity
When: Wednesday, May 31st 2017
Time: 11am Eastern Daylight Time (US) / 4pm British Summer Time
Presented by: Bill Bruno (CEO, Ebiquity, North America)

Online advertising is growing, but so is advertisers’ dissatisfaction with its effectiveness and the tools available to measure it. In fact, one third of advertisers plan to freeze or reduce online display investment, according to a recent study from Ebiquity & the World Federation of Advertisers.

During this webinar, Bill Bruno, CEO of Ebiquity – North America, will outline how to get the data and transparency you need to see ROI on your digital efforts, and how to put the right level of controls in place to protect your brand.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How advertisers can create better transparency and obtain greater control over the digital channel
  • Why data is so important and how to become proprietors of your owned data
  • How programmatic can evolve from its current state and what are the ideal options

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