Given the significant rise of investment in all forms of online advertising, how can procurement ensure an efficient return on investment for their business? Against a backdrop of a series of exposés and controversies, it’s a conundrum many brand managers are faced with, especially when some of those decisions are taken out of their hands by central corporate negotiations.

Tim Hussain, Head of Digital, Ebiquity UK, and Nick Pugh, Head of Effectiveness, Ebiquity UK, spoke at this year’s ProcureCon Marketing 2017 event on ‘Demystifying Media – Separating Hype from Hope!’

Showcasing some of the harsh realities affecting effectiveness in online advertising, and provided guidance to advertisers on how to make the right investment decisions in this area, Tim and Nick went on to challenge the audience by asking them to consider a view that perhaps went against the current trend to increase investment in digital media.

To watch Tim and Nick’s talk on ‘Demystifying Media – Separating Hype From Hope!’ at ProcureCon Marketing 2017, please fill in the form below. Whether you agree or disagree, it will at least make you think twice.