The Guardian’s recent feature on ‘Facebook claims it can reach more young people than exist in the UK, US and other countries.’ , showcases Facebook’s reach statistics not lining up with census data, with Facebook claiming it can reach more people in certain demographics than actually exist.

Facebook claims it can reach 7.8 million users aged between 18-24 in the UK, although the Office of National Statistics indicates there were only 5.8 million people in that age group living in the UK in 2016. Further questionable reach statistics were also found in the US, Australia, France and Ireland.

Michael Karg, Group Chief Executive Officer, Ebiquity, shares his point of view:

This is yet another self-reporting error by Facebook that doesn’t help it re-establish confidence with advertisers and the market. They have been trying to improve things like transparency, but once again they are having issues.

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First featured on 07/07/2017.