The Guardian’s recent feature on ‘Marriage equality opponents have spent five times more on TV ads, analyst says’, showcases Ebiquity’s findings on advertising spend for both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ parties in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

Ebiquity’s findings highlight the yes campaign’s $64,000 TV ad buy is far less than ‘no’ campaign’s $312,000, with a spike in advertising spend predicted to rise as postal votes are beginning to arrive in mailboxes.

Ebiquity’s Director of Client Service – Advertising in Australia, Aaron Rigby, said it was understandable the yes campaign was behind because its ads had started more recently but on total spending so far “it’s still a victory for the no [side]”. Aaron also went on to demonstrate the likely trends of advertising spend for the rest of the survey period;

We haven’t seen anything yet: I think we will start to see a spike in activity, now the postal votes are arriving in people’s post boxes … and then a continuous flatline of spending throughout the [survey]period, with a final spike towards the end to convince those who haven’t voted.

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First featured 14/09/2017