MillerCoors this week announced they are to move their US media planning and buying business from Interpublic to Publicis. As part of the review, Brad Feinberg, Senior Director of Media and Consumer Connections at MillerCoors said, “We spent a lot of time in trying to adhere to the ANA/ Ebiquity recommendations from a contracting standpoint as it relates to transparency.”

In noting this in his interview with Ad Age, Feinberg is the latest senior marketer to demonstrate that advertisers are starting to address the media transparency issues raised by the 2016 ANA Media Transparency Initiative, and specifically the recommendations produced by Ebiquity.

This move by MillerCoors follows closely on from the speech delivered by P&G’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard at the IAB conference in Florida, which contained a strong call-to-arms to address the lack of transparency in the media markets.

These are further signs of the movement towards media transparency as the reverberations from last year’s ANA initiative play out.