Mediatel’s recent feature on ‘Special report: Debating the future of digital advertising’ summarises the debate on digital advertising that senior experts from around the media industry had at dmexco 2017.

Tim Hussain, Head of Digital at Ebiquity, Julie Connaughton, Head of Digital at the7stars, Steve Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer at Inskin Media, Jon Mew, CEO at IAB UK, Sue Hunt, Sales Director at Mail Online, Amit Kotecha, Marketing Director – EMEA at Quantcast and David Pidgeon, Editor at Mediatel Newsline were all the attendees that took part in the debate.

From gaining the creative agency buy-in for a programmatic era, to the lurking threat of brand safety ‘black holes’. These were the range of topics discussed during the debate. Tim Hussain shares his thoughts on how the fragmentation of online ad formats making things very difficult for clients;

All the top publishers have all their big branding formats, but lots of them have different formats in different places and they all work for different vendors.

Hussain notes that for TV it is very easy and efficient to pull reach and frequency and for press, all the formats are standard.

I’ve been talking to publishers recently and just saying, ‘Look, you’ve got Facebook and Google. It’s really easy to go on and buy a single campaign and get big reach, frequency, and manage it.

Then you’ve got all of the independent publishers and they’ve still got different layouts. The users don’t have the same experience that they do in the other platforms.

Businesses like Inskin and Collective are two of the few companies who are going out in single formats with big impact all across multiple publishers. Otherwise, there’s not enough out there.

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First featured 18/09/2017