Digiday UK’s recent feature on ‘The state of the brand crackdown on media transparency’ discusses the brand safety storm that has raged throughout the first half of 2017, bringing light to how little advertisers know about their media investments.

The article goes on to showcase how brands are trying to play a more active role in deciding how to spend their media budgets, and how some brands are trying to bring more digital media skills in-house.

Ebiquity’s Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Manning shares his perspective on ‘The Agency View’:

The answer, however, won’t lead to advertisers turning their backs on media agencies.The topic of agencies being disintermediated, whether that’s by consultancies, technology platforms like Google or startups, has gotten new life now that brands are reassessing how and where they spend their budgets. But the “vast majority” of advertisers will still continue to work with agencies.

What the trend of brands [taking more ownership of media]is about is them being more involved in the whole process, from planning all the way through to execution and measurement. In the past, advertisers would have automatically delegated all those tasks to their agencies, whereas now, media is too important as a matter of good business discipline.

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First featured on 17/08/2017