Three questions with Ebiquity’s US MD Jed Meyer

by Jed Meyer, Managing Director, North America
Monday, May 18, 2020

3 Questions with Ebiquity managing director Jed Meyer

Pepsi introduced a DTC strategy this week. Do you think we’ll see more legacy brand go this route? 

DTC continues to be an ongoing opportunity for brands. The benefits of having a direct link to consumers is powerful in terms of data, feedback, and consumer experience. Many brands will experiment with new consumer approaches — pushed in part by new demands around supply chains, product availability, and “the new normal” of pandemic-induced lockdowns. Offering a product through multiple channels makes sense. However, as the economy re-opens and lockdowns ease, brick-and-mortar stores will continue to play a crucial role in the performance of most existing retail brands.

Recently, some marketers have reduced spending and focused on lower-funnel advertising. What’s your take on that approach?

While eCommerce and digital touch points have become more important and will likely prove their lasting power, brands should be careful when shifting budget toward online marketing channels. In many cases, offline channels such as TV and Radio have proven to be more effective at driving website sales; thus, using them can provide a distinct market advantage. Brands should ensure they have holistic measurement in place that captures the full impact and contribution of all channels.

What’s top of mind for you while managing this crisis?

Staying positive and looking for opportunities amidst all the disruption. At last Fall’s ANA Masters of Marketing, former Mondelez CMO Dana Anderson opened her session on disruption by saying “control is for beginners.”  Who knew how prescient that message would be?! As uncomfortable as the past two months have been, we have to be flexible and make the best of it. My team is innovating and developing new approaches to how we work with clients and deliver our services. There’s more learning and opportunity around the next corner.  


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First featured 18/05/2020