The key principles for embedding agility

Viewpoint June 2020
Built to Last? Embedding Agility

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Built to Last? Embedding Agility


The coronavirus pandemic has compelled advertisers and their agency partners to work in a more agile and nimble fashion than ever before.

Agility encompasses ways of working, how, when, and why we meet, and decision-making.

As brands and agencies are now taking the first, tentative steps for limited office reopenings, both parties have the opportunity to assess which aspects of agility should endure for the medium to long term – and which can be left behind.

Although COVID-19 has forced radical change on advertisers and agencies, agility is not a consequence of the pandemic. Rather, coronavirus has accelerated changes already under way.

Photo of Laetitia Zinetti

Laetitia Zinetti

Managing Director, Continental Europe

Laetitia is Managing Director of Continental Europe, and is responsible for overlooking Ebiquity’s European activities. She has more than 20 years’ experience planning and implementing media and marketing strategies, with senior roles client-side at both Qantas and Nissan. She is based in our Paris, France office.

What it covers

Six principles advertisers should assess and adopt to make the most of this new focus on agile working practices
By actively engaging and involving agency partners in decisions driven by agility, brands stand a much better chance of setting themselves up for success.