Deconstructing ROI 

Viewpoint October 2020
A new framework for driving marketing effectiveness in the age of media fragmentation

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Deconstructing ROI - A new framework for driving marketing effectiveness in the age of media fragmentation


Digitisation and the fragmentation of the media ecosystem have fundamentally changed media consumption habits. This trend has been driven by younger consumers, but it impacts all age-groups. COVID appears to have accelerated these changes among older audiences.

As a result, it is increasingly challenging and costly to deliver mass audiences at scale using TV alone and consumers now have the power to curate their own – often ad-free – media streams.

In the age of media fragmentation, advertisers need to work harder than ever to drive return on investment. In the framework set out in this paper, we identify the five key, interacting dimensions that advertisers need to consider if they are to secure meaningful ROI in the increasingly-complex and dis-integrated media and marketing ecosystem: Creative, Cost, Reach, Attention, and Engagement.


Photo of Martin Radford

Martin Radford

Director, Media

Martin is the longest serving member of Ebiquity’s Media team, joining as the first Group Manager after five years at Zenith. His role at Ebiquity is split between working directly with clients, working closely with the Analytics practice, and leading innovation at the company.

Photo of Ryan Rooney

Ryan Rooney

Business Director

Ryan Rooney is a Business Director in Ebiquity’s Analytics practice. He specialises in helping brands build more effective marketing programmes by applying advanced analytical techniques to attribute and forecast the impact of marketing investments – and many other factors besides – on business performance.

What it covers

An updated framework for understanding ROI in the modern media ecosystem allows advertisers to decompose the roles of Creative, Cost, Reach, Attention, and Engagement.

Comprehensive effectiveness programmes enable brands to establish which of the levers are holding you back and where the opportunities are across creative, cost, reach, attention, and engagement.