How creativity drives advertising effectiveness

Viewpoint June 2020
How creativity drives advertising effectiveness

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The importance of creativity in long-term brand building

There is a crisis in creative effectiveness in advertising that stems from financial pressures on brands. This has led marketers to pursue short-term sales activation over long-term brand building, activities often focused on easy-to-measure, direct response marketing. Far from being an unmeasurable dark art, creativity can and should be measured in terms of its impact on advertising effectiveness.

The message about creative effectiveness is now starting to get through to many of the world’s biggest advertisers. The tools and techniques developed by marketing econometricians are today sufficiently robust and fine-grained that marketers can build cause-and effect models of the impact of their brands’ distinctive assets.

Advertising’s decade-long experiment with excessive short-termism needs to come to an end if creativity is to play its role once more in driving long term advertising effectiveness. This is particularly important for brands looking to sustain and grow share of voice and share of market during the coronavirus pandemic and the inevitable recession that follows it.

Photo of Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell

Head of International Effectiveness

Mike leads Ebiquity’s International Effectiveness Practice, helping brands to optimise marketing investments across multiple markets. He is based in our London office. Prior to joining Ebiquity, he spent 12 years as MD of Ninah Consulting’s London office and global head of its FMCG Centre of Excellence, working with Nestlé, Diageo, and General Mills.

Photo of Richard Woodward

Richard Woodward

International Effectiveness Business Director

Richard has 20 years’ experience in marketing effectiveness, with particularly expertise in helping brands understand the impact of marketing both short-term and long-term. Before joining Ebiquity, he was Account Director at Ninah Consulting, having started his career at Information Resources.

What it covers

 ​Creativity at the time of coronavirus

 The constituent elements of creativity    

 Tools and techniques for measuring creativity’s impact

 Brand Equity Modelling
Brands that develop and support distinctive brand assets build memory structures that last longer and decay slower."