Make the most of the Customer Journey. One bite at a time.

Viewpoint May 2018
Make the most of the Customer Journey. One bite at a time.

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Your first task should be...

Optimising the customer journey will help you increase the volume and value of sales, and so improve returns on investment. But it's a daunting task that affects multiple stakeholders, draws on diverse skills from across the business, involves unwieldy data sets, and carries uncertainty and risk.

Photo of Martin Wheeler

Martin Wheeler

Head of Promotional Effectiveness

Martin Wheeler is Head of Promotional Effectiveness at Ebiquity UK. Martin developed Ebiquity’s promotional effectiveness practice, which he leads today. His advice is sought out by marketing leaders across the FMCG and retail world.

This document covers the following:

  • The benefits of an optimised customer experience
  • Understanding the components of your customer journey
  • How to harmonise data capture
  • The value of effective data analysis 
  • Two essential strategies to optimise the digital journey 
  • The importance of integrating offline data
  • How to create more successful and better targeted campaigns
The 'one bite at a time' approach is the best way to optimise your digital customer journey