The art and science of agency selection

Viewpoint October 2018
The art and science of agency selection.

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Critical considerations in selecting the right agency partner

What's at stake

The stakes are high for today’s marketers. Many brand owners are adjusting their agency operating model to ensure they’re well prepared for innovations in the media and marketing ecosystem. The rewards for choosing the right partners are significant in terms of building and growing brands. Competitive edge today comes from agile, flexible and collaborative ways of working.

The process of agency selection is about more than just beauty-parading agencies and appointing new partners. It covers diverse topics, including advertising technology, governance and accountability, and the skill sets of both client and agency teams.

This viewpoint paper covers

  • Transparency, governance and accountability
  • Data, tools and technology ownership
  • Single customer view
  • Advertiser-agency remuneration models
  • Organisational models and capabilities
  • Performance measurement against business objectives
Agency selection is an art and a science – an art because it demands stakeholder management and personal relationships, a science because it requires rigorous application of structured methodology.